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  • StreetSaver® Helps Cities, Counties Get Bigger Returns on Pavement Investments

    by Joey Kotfica - The Bay Link | Dec 07, 2022
    StreetSaver® is a tool that helps cities and counties better maintain their local streets and roads. The software, developed by MTC, is free to Bay Area jurisdictions who receive Pavement Management Technical Assistance, and is also available for license throughout the country.
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  • StreetSaver to Showcase at 2022 NWPMA Conference

    by Jose Reyes | Oct 05, 2022
    On October 25th – 29th StreetSaver will showcase at the 2022 Northwest Pavement Management Association Conference (NWPMA).
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  • City of Pleasant Hill's Pavement Management System

    by City of Pleasent Hill | Jul 16, 2020
    The PMS is a computer-assisted management tool to inventory street pavement, assess pavement conditions, record historical maintenance, forecast budget needs in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and view the impacts of funding on City-wide pavement conditions over time.
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  • TRB to Present Webinar on Developing Pavement Performance Models

    by Transportation Research Board | Sep 13, 2017
    TRB will conduct a webinar on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM ET that provides guidance to state and municipal roadway authorities on how they may improve the prediction capabilities of their pavement management systems by incorporating recent advances in performance prediction models. The state-of-the-art of developing performance models has advanced through a more comprehensive study of statistical and computational techniques. However, some of these advances have not made their way into industry practice. This webinar will provide an overview of the available tools for developing and validating pavement performance models and examples of successful model development and implementation by state and municipal agencies.
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  • Pavement Management Programs (Part 2): Utilizing StreetSaver® for Simpler, Smarter Decisions

    by Vijay Pulijal, PE (Harris & Associates) | Aug 23, 2017
    I love seeing transportation agencies become heroes. A legendary source of their superpowers: the data generated by pavement management program (PMP) software. Each month, I see more agencies discovering the advantages of a PMP, especially backed by state-of-the-art technology like StreetSaver®. Interest in StreetSaver® is growing—and for good reason.
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  • It’s Time for Accountability and Performance Tracking

    by Sui Tan | Aug 03, 2017
    Cities and counties should give themselves a pat on the back with the passage of Senate Bill 1 (SB1) in April. This bill will raise gas taxes and vehicle fees by $5.2 billion a year to pay for California’s crumbling roads, highways, and bridges for the next decade. Cities and counties will receive $1.5 billion annually to fix local streets and roads.
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  • In the News: Neighbors Make a Stink About Road Paved With Clamshells

    by Matt Reed, NBC 10 News | Jun 20, 2017
    Neighbors said the owner is using the shells to build the access road to his farm. But they say he used unwashed clams.
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  • International Research Leads to Better Asphalt Roads

    by University of Twente | Jun 06, 2017
    In cooperation with eleven road construction companies, the University of Twente is working on improving asphalt roads in the Netherlands. By using new technology during the asphalt paving process, the resulting road quality is 10 to 30 percent higher.
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  • Data-Driven Approach to Pavement Management Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    by Anne Wilson Yu | Mar 30, 2017
    The roadway network is an important part of the nation’s transportation system, but it also contributes heavily to greenhouse gas emissions. A paper published this month in the Journal of Cleaner Production by researchers with the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) introduces a way to reduce emissions across a roadway network by using big data to identify specific pavement sections where improvements will have the greatest impact.
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  • News From the West: City of Hollister

    by Adam Breen | Feb 17, 2017
    A consultant that studied Hollister's streets to determine 2016 traffic mitigation fees said the city must spend a minimum of $4 million annually -- $3 million more than it currently does -- just to maintain streets in their present condition.
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  • News from the West: City of Santa Rosa

    by City of Santa Rosa | Jan 26, 2017
    The City of Santa Rosa has approximately 500 miles of streets, making it the city with the fourth highest street mileage in the Bay Area (only San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco have more.) It would cost over $1.1 billion to replace the pavement of Santa Rosa’s entire street network.
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  • City of Richmond Stays On Top

    by Jose Reyes | Nov 30, 2016
    City of Richmond, CA uses StreetSaver to prioritize its pavement management. Unfortunately, not unlike a majority of older cities from the Bay, Richmond has many aging roads in need of restoration. Residents took note of the matter and wanted action.
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  • FHWA, TRB, WSDOT to Host Webinar Series

    by FHWA, TRB, WSDOT | Jul 21, 2016
    FHWA and TRB Committee AFD10, Pavement Management Systems, will be hosting a series of quarterly webinars starting on October 20, 2016.
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  • New StreetSaver® Website Offers Powerful Tools for Public Works Directors

    by MTC | Nov 13, 2015
    The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has unveiled a reengineered website for StreetSaver®, the first and leading pavement management tool for the San Francisco Bay Area. The new website debuts several powerful features to help public works directors do the job of tracking and maintaining city and county networks of local streets and roads.
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  • Whats New on

    by Jose Reyes | Sep 04, 2015
    The new StreetSaver site has arrived! Featuring a new look and layout. The new also showcases a wide selection of informational blogs, news, and resources. Here are just a few of the key items the new StreetSaver site has to offer.
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