Maintain the Inventory and Condition of your Traffic Signs! 

StreetSaver Plus Signs is designed to track MUTCD, Retroreflectivity, Funding Source, Facing Direction, and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Asset Management – Sign asset is integrated with pavement and other non-pavement assets in one platform that will enhance system-wide planning and needs assessment.
  • Inventory Management - Provides a robust and comprehensive system for tracking and updating Sign inventory, making update a smooth process.
  • Minimum Retroreflectivity Compliance – Meets FHWA and MUTCD requirements for maintaining minimum level of retroreflectivity.
  • Maintenance Needs Assessment – Develops maintenance plans for routine and replacement. Performs investment analysis based on remaining service life and expected service life up to 30 years.
Sign Inventory
Signs GIS

Signs and GIS

  • Provides easy updates and comprehensive tracking of different transportation assets including Curb Ramps, and Parking Lots.
  • Easy to create maps based on key parameters of Signs data that can be fine-tuned with a filter, and display them alongside pavement section data.
  • Instant PCI Preview on GIS Map.
  • Reporting, Budgeting, Rating via GIS.
  • Condition Assessment – Tracks work and condition to help maintain sign data current.

StreetSaver Signs Overview Webinar



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