476,614 Lane Miles Managed by StreetSaver


StreetSaver products to get you started



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per jurisdiction billed annually

  • Free upgrades & enhancement
  • Daily database backup (2 year backup storage)
  • Bing aerial maps

StreetSaver Plus


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+ $500 per asset

per jurisdiction billed annually

  • Your demo starts on Plus. Buy any plan later.
  • Includes all standard features
  • Sign inventory management
  • Asset GIS Features

StreetSaver Non-Pavement Assets Only



per jurisdiction billed annually

  • Free upgrades & enhancement
  • Daily database backup
  • Bing aerial maps



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per copy, volume discounts available

  • Free upgrades & enhancement
  • Daily database backup
  • Bing aerial maps

Tiered ​pricing for StreetSaver

Centerline Miles Sections
(whichever is greater) Annual Cost
< 20 < 200 $750
21 - 200 201 - 1000 $1,500
201 - 500 1001 - 2000 $2,500
501 - 1500 2001 - 5000 $3,500
 > 1501  > 5001 Request a Quote
Consultant  N/A $2,000 More Information

Support Plans

Software Support Plan



($1,500 for consultants)
subscriptions billed annually

  • Unlimited technical assistance for StreetSaver via e-mail, telephone, and virtual on-site support system.
  • Includes attending one MTC-sponsored User Week training classes at no charge.
  • Basic GIS Mapping Updates ($250 value).

Technical Support Plan


Request a Quote

Typically a one time cost.

  • This plan provides technical support, maintenance service, enhancements requested by users, and database conversion and management from other Pavement Management software. Software support is excluded.

GIS Mapping Integration


$2,500 (Custom)

$1,000 (TIGER)

GIS Order Form 

  • Custom Map Integration: Based on using agency’s GIS map plus 4 additional layers. (Inventories greater than 5k sections or 1.5k centerline miles request a quote).

    TIGER Map Integration: Applicable to StreetSaver users who elect to use US Census Bureau's TIGER map.

Data Migration




  • Migration fees are only applicable to MTC PMS 8.0 or earlier users, upgrading to StreetSaver.

StreetSaver Training Service Plan



Subscriptions billed annually

  • This plan provides one (1) student account to access online courses in StreetSaver Academy and attendance to MTC hosted and recorded webinars free of charge. The courses included are:

StreetSaver Premier Service



One time cost.

  • Offered by StreetSaver in cooperation with California Pavement Preservation Center at the California State University at Chico. This service includes:
  • Assessment of current practices
  • Survey of stakeholders
  • Customized preservation strategies
  • Setup StreetSaver decision tree
  • Update unit costs
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Final Report
All purchases are in USD