An integrated and secure API

By leveraging secure REST web services, StreetSaver Cloud services opens up web methods that are directly accessible for licensed users. With web methods
available, users can upload/download data programmatically from another system such as an in-house GIS system.
Users can purchase an Inspection API license or the full Section license. The included API methods cover a complete set of Section data, including GPS, Current PCI and all Section attributes available in the current StreetSaver program. Section Cloud Services will allow the user to add/edit/delete/locate all Sections in the network. For those GIS-centric agencies where pavement section data is updated in the GIS system, this solves a long and painful problem, providing for Section attributes to be updated automatically when an in-house application performs updates.

In-house apps or GIS Systems can access SSCS and push and pull data to and from your StreetSaver database.


  • No more dual entry
  • Allows for customizable solutions
  • Secure REST Web Service
  • Can be used to update StreetSaver automatically when an in-house app performs updates
  • Integrates with current StreetSaver database
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Streamline Your Workflow

Many agencies have turned more GIS-centric in their approach to managing streets. This can create hardships for StreetSaver users, who are most interested in StreetSaver’s rich suite of budgeting and planning tools. Dual data entry is a major source of data errors and a waste of time and resources. StreetSaver Cloud Services provides a solution by allowing you to send updates from your GIS or other in-house systems automatically to StreetSaver.

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Changes in StreetSaver can be pulled to your in-house systems.

Changes in your in-house systems can be pushed to StreetSaver. 

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