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Consultant Referral Program

Interested in Partnering with Us?

As our consultants, MTC considers you a valuable partner in meeting the pavement management needs of your clients, as well as in helping MTC to expand its StreetSaver user base. Now, partnering with MTC just got better! As a current StreetSaver subscriber in good standing, you have the opportunity to earn valuable StreetSaver subscription credits when your clients choose to become a StreetSaver user too.

Here’s how it works.

Through this program, you can earn a reward for helping your clients to either upgrade or sign up for StreetSaver. It’s simple, for each referral that becomes a new StreetSaver user with an annual subscription, you will earn 250 credits. When you have accumulated 2,000 credits, you can have your entire StreetSaver subscription paid for up to one year. You will be eligible to redeem your credits as soon as you have accumulated a minimum of 250. We will credit your account accordingly when your subscription becomes due. Each credit has a face value of one dollar.

How do you get started?

You don’t have to do anything. Just let us know that you are working with a client and when your client signs up, we will credit your account promptly.

Just Remember

Yes, there are a few rules: All credits earned within a year are good toward your next renewal. All credits will be automatically applied when we send your renewal notice. You cannot carry over credits to future years. The 109 cities and counties in the Bay Area are not eligible referrals; however, the program is open to all other StreetSaver users including other local agencies in the SF Bay Area.

This is just a small way for MTC to say “thank you!” We appreciate your efforts in ensuring your clients maintain an active and supportive pavement management system.

Pricing for Consultant account starts at $500 annually.  See below for further pricing details.

- One (1) Client       -       $500         
- Two (2) Clients     -       $750
- Three (3) Clients  -       $1000
- Four (4) Clients    -       $1500
- Five and more (5+)       $2000

Benefits of a consultant account, in addition to the Referral program, include access to instant chat support, elevated levels of technical support from our team, and access to the Open DB feature in the software, which allows for smooth transition between clients' databases.