The Parking Lot Asset Management Solution

This version of StreetSaver is specifically designed for users needing to track parking lot assets. Take advantage of StreetSavers powerful calculation engine and effectively maintain your parking lots inventory and condition. Use GIS tool to effortlessly set up lot inventory and conduct pavement rating at the same time. From big box stores to shopping malls the Parking Lot module makes it simple.  Chose between Parking Lots Only Mode and the Mixed Mode, both tailored to fit your needs.


  • GPS and GIS Linking
  • Filter and Categorize by Parking Lot Type
  • Parking Lot Inventory and Condition Reports
  • Inventory Import/Export Tools
  • Budgeting Calculations
  • Real Time GIS Maps with Lot Inventory and Condition
  • Maintenance Treatment and Inspection History Tracking
  • Polygon Tools for Accurate Lot Area Definition
  • Custom Mapping Colors
Parking Lots Mapping
Lot inventory


  • Maintain and Track Parking Lot Inventory and Condition
  • Use of StreetSavers Powerful Analysis Tools
  • Maintenance Treatment Budgeting and Recommendations
  • Instant PCI Preview on GIS Map
  • View Road and Parking Lot Inventory and Condition Side by Side (Mixed Mode Only)
  • Include Parking Lots in your Road Network Budgeting (Mixed Mode Only)
  • Roads and Assets in One Simple and Easy to Use Interface (Mixed Mode Only)


Gross Leasable Area (sf) Parking Space (each) Annual Cost
150,000 500 $500
250,000 1,000 $750
500,000 2,500 $1,250
1,000,000 4,000 $1,750
2,000,000 6,000 $2,150
4,000,000 15,000 $3,750
8,000,000 40,000 $5,000
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