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StreetSaver GIS Pricing Change

by StreetSaver | Sep 30, 2019


Price Increase Notice

GIS Mapping Integration:

StreetSaver supports integrating your agency's custom streets centerline (base maps) shapefiles. This service integrates GIS base maps to spatially display pavement data in StreetSaver.

Effective November 1, 2019, all new GIS Mapping Integrations will increase in pricing. This change allows us to continue to invest in the latest GIS technologies to give you even more functionalities. This one-time cost of GIS Mapping Integration will increase from $2,500 to $3,500.

Note: This does not affect previously purchased integrations.

This service includes:

  • Enhanced GIS Reporting
    • 15 Custom Features that can be filtered by Area and/or data elements
    • Ability to define Feature Colors for map display and printing
    • Map Printing with customizable Layout
    • Ability to Export Section data to Excel or shapefile formats
    • Create Projects from selected Sections on Map
    • Bing Maps with 3 viewing options
  • Enhanced GIS Linking
    • Enhanced Auto match feature with cross street spatial querying
    • Ability to define Section by cross street and distance or GPS points
    • Ability to change shapefile Street Name information
    • Can Combine Sections based on selected shapefile segments
    • Automatically creates GPS data based on Section link for faster GIS reporting
    • Export Section Link data to excel
  • Can Map GPS shapes for Area ID records
  • Integration with StreetSaver Plus Assets
    • View asset data along side Section data in GIS Reporting
    • Ability to create custom features and styles based on Asset data
  • Integrate up to 6 additional GIS layers, on top of centerline base map (subsequent layer is $400/layer)


Coming with Web Application release:

  • Interactive map
    • Ability to perform Inspections and other Section functionality
    • View Section Summary from map
  • Optimized speed with GIS feature loading and zooming functionality
  • Bing maps available from GIS Linking screen
  • KML (Google Earth) export

StreetSaver does not take making price increases lightly. The last price increase was in 2015. We understand the competitive climate of our industry, but in order for StreetSaver to be the leader in public-domain pavement management software, these changes are necessary. We will continue to improve so that it meets your needs and expectations.

Thank you,

- StreetSaver Team