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Asphalt Institute Offers Free Asphalt Webinar Series

by Asphalt Institute | Nov 20, 2017
Asphalt Institute

As part of the effort to support pavement preservation, Asphalt Institute is announcing that 12 of their recorded webinars on topics related to PP will be offered for free. The speakers on the webinars are experienced industry professionals or members of AI’s staff.  We hope these recorded webinars will be a valuable training resource for agency and industry groups that want to learn more about emulsified asphalt as well as design and construction of emulsified asphalt applications and pavement preservation treatments.

The 12 recorded webinars related to asphalt emulsions or PP treatments now available at no charge are:

5 Part Emulsified Asphalt Series

•        Introduction

•        Storage, handling & sampling testing, selecting the right grade of emulsified asphalt

•        Surface treatment (chip seals, slurry, micro, etc.)

•        Emulsion-Aggregate mixtures

•        Asphalt pavement recycling, miscellaneous applications

3 Part Pavement Preservation Treatment Series

•        Introduction to Crack Treatments & Best Practices

•        Introduction to Slurry Seal/Microsurfacing & Best Practices

•        Introduction to Chip Seals & Best Practices

3 Part Advanced Pavement Preservation Treatment Series

•        Mix Design Methods for Slurry Seal/Microsurfacing and Chip Seals

•        Combing Pavement Preservation Treatments

•        ISSA Inspectors Manual

Stand Alone Webinar

•        Thin Lift Overlays: Project Selection, Design and Construction